Who We Are

We are a team of thinkers, writers, designers, storytellers.
Dedicated specialists in pharma and health communication delivering strategic, innovative and effective solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

PHOCUS is not just another agency. We are a specialized communications agency with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry and health sector.

We are a group of handpicked professionals bound by a common philosophy and commitment to provide premium services, always working with enthusiasm for the best results. Each one of us contributes his deep industry expertise, knowledge and creativity to address the diverse needs of our clients, within a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

But the essence of who we are is not only our know-how but also the whole new way of approaching healthcare communications. Passionate about our work, we are constantly evolving, incorporating the latest trends in communication for a fresh, out-of-the-box thinking that results in great deliverables. Because making a difference for our clients, makes the difference for us, too.

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What we do

We develop strategic marketing and communications solutions targeting the diverse stakeholders that define healthcare brands and businesses today.

We offer the full range of healthcare communication services, plus a few surprises such as market access strategic consulting, scientific/medical education, and regulatory approval support. Our broad spectrum of services are divided into 8 key practice areas:

Corporate Communications / Brand Communications / Healthcare Professional & Patient Advocacy / Public & Government Affairs / Market Access / Digital Communications / Research & Data Insights / Creative Design

How we do it


Performing extensive research, we gain a thorough understanding of your company’s unique needs, product offerings, target audience and competitive landscape. We then collaborate with you to define desirable and achievable goals.


At this stage we establish the criteria that will guide the project, such as time frames, budgets and areas of responsibility. Most importantly, we bring together the most appropriate team to develop and deliver the best possible solutions for your specific needs.


We combine insights, experience, ideas and creativity to develop a solid communication strategy and define the most suitable channels that will effectively reach your target audiences.


This is the phase where strategy, concept and design come into reality. We review, we refine, we finalize, and we launch. Tapping into our diverse resources, we ensure that implementation runs smoothly and efficiently.


We thoroughly monitor and evaluate the course of the program to assess its effectiveness and impact - this procedure of assessment gives us valuable knowledge and better insights for your further communication cycle.

What makes
us special


PHOCUS is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists – PR professionals with deep roots in healthcare communications, medical writers and editors, scientific advisors, health economics & market access experts, digital strategists and social media savvies – each an expert in his or her own field.

Many of us have a background in the pharmaceutical sector, providing an in-depth understanding of the industry’s unique demands and challenges.

We offer expertise in corporate communications, brand marketing, health professional and patient advocacy, stakeholder engagement and communication, media relations, public affairs and market access, digital strategy and execution.


We are committed to develop communication campaigns integrated across all channels that involve multiple stakeholders: from healthcare professionals, patients, consumers and employees to political stakeholders, journalists and social media influencers.

To this direction, we bring together multi-disciplinary professionals into one, integrated team that collaborate to develop holistic communication solutions that have the power to break habits and change human behaviors.


Where we work

PHOCUS is located at the Tzaferi 16 Building, which lies in the popular area of Gazi, right behind the Benaki Museum at Peiraios Str.

Our working area suits our mentality: a modern space of high aesthetics, offering high-end technology and facilities shared by different professionals and operating as a beehive of creativity and productivity.

Have a look!

Phocus Office
Phocus Office
Phocus Office
Phocus Office
Phocus Office
Phocus Office


Give us a call or email us to find out moreabout our team and our array of services,or simply to request our credentials.

16, Tzaferi Str., 118 54, Athens

+30 210 3460684

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Τζαφέρη 16, 118 54, Αθήνα
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